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“I want to win LaLiga with Atletico Madrid”: Antoine Griezmann fends off PSG links

Griezmann, who rejoined Atletico Madrid in 2021 after a short spell at Barcelona

Amidst recent speculation linking Antoine Griezmann with a move to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), the French forward has reaffirmed his commitment to Atletico Madrid and expressed his desire to win the La Liga title with his current club. Griezmann’s statement comes as a relief to Atletico fans,so who holds him in high regard for his contributions to the team’s success in recent years?

Griezmann, who rejoined Atletico Madrid in 2021 after a short spell at Barcelona, has once again become an integral part of the team’s attacking force. His partnership with Luis Suarez and Joao Felix has been a key factor in Atletico’s recent triumphs, including the La Liga title in the 2020-2021 season.

Antoine Griezmann Statement:

In response to the PSG links, Griezmann stated, “I am fully committed to Atletico Madrid. I feel the love and support of the fans, and I want to repay them by helping the team achieve our goals. So Winning the La Liga title with Atletico is something I am determined to accomplish.”

Griezmann’s declaration highlights his loyalty to Atletico Madrid and so his ambition to achieve further success with the club. The Frenchman’s decision to stay puts to rest any doubts surrounding his future and reinforces his dedication to the team’s cause.

"I want to win LaLiga with Atletico Madrid": Antoine Griezmann fends off PSG links

Atletico Madrid has been a dominant force in Spanish football under the guidance of their astute manager, Diego Simeone. Griezmann’s presence and goal-scoring prowess have been crucial to their achievements, and his commitment to the team provides a boost for their aspirations in both domestic and European competitions.

The potential transfer to PSG would have reunited Griezmann with several of his French national teammates, including Kylian Mbappe and Presnel Kimpembe. However, the 30-year-old forward has chosen to remain loyal to Atletico Madrid, highlighting his desire to continue contributing to their success and pursuing further accolades.

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Griezmann’s Decision:

Griezmann’s decision also reflects his appreciation for the support he has received from Atletico’s passionate fan base. The bond between players and supporters is a vital aspect of football, and Griezmann’s commitment resonates with the fans who have cheered him on during his time at the club.

As the new season approaches, Atletico Madrid fans can look forward to witnessing Griezmann’s continued performances on the pitch. His technical abilities, goal-scoring instinct, and understanding of the game make him a formidable asset for the team’s title aspirations. With his determination and drive, Griezmann will undoubtedly play a significant role in Atletico’s pursuit of La Liga glory.

"I want to win LaLiga with Atletico Madrid": Antoine Griezmann fends off PSG links

The resolve shown by Antoine Griezmann to fend off PSG links and focus on Atletico Madrid’s ambitions sets a positive tone for the upcoming season. His decision reinforces the stability and unity within the squad, providing a strong foundation for continued success.

In the end, Antoine Griezmann’s commitment to Atletico Madrid is a testament to his loyalty and ambition. His desire to win the La Liga title with the club showcases his hunger for success and his understanding of the significance of the fans’ unwavering support.

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