Erling Haaland vs Cristiano Ronaldo: Stats after 25 Champions League appearances

Could the Norwegian be the one to break the Portuguese’s incredible UCL goalscoring record?

In their underlying 25 Champions League games, Erling Haaland has enrolled more Goals (33) than some other players. Cristiano Ronaldo, the competition’s untouched driving scorer with 140 Goals, neglected to score in his initial 25 games.

As Manchester City defeated Bayern Munich in the Champions League Erling Haaland set a Premier League goal-scoring record, earning him the nicknames “monster” and “beast.”

The 22-year-old Norwegian striker made history by scoring City’s third goal in their 3-0 quarterfinal first-leg victory in his first season in English football.

This season, he has scored 45 goals for City in just 39 games, a Premier League single-season record.

During his time at Borussia Dortmund, he had numerous encounters with German champion Bayern, but he never defeated them. In his seven matches against them, this was his fifth goal.

Since the Premier League was established in 1992–1993, no player has ever scored 45 goals in all tournaments. That is, up until now.

Ruud van Nistelrooy scored 44 goals for Manchester United in 2002–03, and Mohamed Salah did the same for Liverpool in 2017–18.

Salah, an Egyptian attacker, and Van Nistelrooy, a Dutch forward, each played 52 games to score 44 goals. Haaland surpassed their previous record despite having played 13 fewer games.

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Salah accomplished it during his debut year at Liverpool, in spite of the fact that he had recently played in Britain for Chelsea. It was managed by Van Nistelrooy in his second United season.

Haaland was brought into the world in Leeds, yet he went to Norway when he was three years of age, and up until this season, he had never played in Britain.

He has scored more goals than any other player, and his favorite foot, his left foot, has been the target of 28 of those goals. Van Nistelrooy scored 33 objectives with his right foot, though Salah scored 36 with his left.

Haaland has scored ten goals with his right foot and seven goals with his head. With four objectives scored with the left foot and seven headers for Van Nistelrooy, Salah scored six and two objectives, as needs be.

Salah had five goals, while Haaland had one and Van Nistelrooy had zero, both of which came from outside the penalty box.

There are numerous kinds of penalties. That season, Salah only scored one goal, while Haaland scored six and Van Nistelrooy scored a staggering 12.

The last English top-flight player to accomplish this feat was Tottenham’s Clive Allen, who scored 49 goals in all categories between 1986 and 1987.

Erling Haaland Goals and assists in the first 25 games of the Champions League Erling Haaland vs. Cristiano Ronaldo

ronaldo-vs-halland-25-appearances in the Champions League

Cristiano Ronaldo

Matches: 25

Assists: 0

Goals: 0

Erling Haaland

Matches: 25

Assists: 5

Goals: 33

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