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SAFF Championship India vs Lebanon Live Updates: IND beat LEB 4-2 in penalty shootout, will meet Kuwait in final


The SAFF Championship has been a platform for intense football battles, showcasing the talent and passion of teams from South Asia. In a thrilling semifinal match, India faced off against Lebanon, resulting in a thrilling penalty shootout. This article provides a detailed account of India vs Lebanon match, highlighting the key moments, player performances, and the path ahead for the victorious Indian team.

1. Pre-match anticipation of the SAFF Championship

Fans and pundits were buzzing with excitement ahead of the highly anticipated India vs Lebanon clash. Both teams displayed commendable skills throughout the tournament, making it difficult to predict the outcome. The Indian team, led by their charismatic captain, arrived at the match with a determined mindset, eager to secure their spot in the final.

2. The match begins

As the referee blew the whistle, the match kicked off with an intense display of skill and strategy from both sides. The Indian players showcased their agility and teamwork, while Lebanon exhibited technical prowess. The crowd cheered in anticipation of a captivating showdown.

3. India’s strong start in SAFF Championship Semi-Final

SAFF Championship

The Indian team started the match with great energy and determination. Their attacking prowess was evident as they pressed forward, creating scoring opportunities. The midfielders orchestrated swift passes, enabling the forwards to penetrate Lebanon’s defense. The fans erupted with joy as India took the lead with a well-executed goal.

4. Lebanon fights back in SAFF Championship Semi-Final

Not to be deterred, the Lebanese team showcased their resilience and fought back fiercely. Their players displayed excellent ball control and precision passing, putting the Indian defense under pressure. Lebanon’s relentless efforts paid off, as they managed to equalize with a superbly taken goal. The match was now finely balanced, intensifying the excitement for the spectators.

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5. Nail-biting penalty shootout

With the scores level after full time and extra time, the match headed into a nerve-wracking penalty shootout. The tension was palpable as each team’s players stepped up to take their spot-kicks. The Indian goalkeeper exhibited exceptional reflexes, making crucial saves and setting the stage for India’s victory. In the end, India triumphed with a 4-2 scoreline in the penalty shootout, securing their place in the final.

6. Celebration and reflection

As the final penalty hit the back of the net, the Indian players erupted in joyous celebration. The victory showcased their resilience, skill, and the unyielding spirit of Indian football. The team huddled together, reflecting on their performance and acknowledging the collective effort that led them to triumph.

7. Looking ahead: India vs Kuwait in the final of the SAFF Championship

India’s victory over Lebanon set the stage for an exhilarating final against Kuwait. The Indian team, buoyed by their semifinal win, is determined to clinch the SAFF Championship trophy. The players are focused on refining their strategies and capitalizing on their strengths to secure another memorable victory.

8. Conclusion

India vs Lebanon match at the SAFF Championship was a thrilling encounter that captivated fans around the world. The intense competition, coupled with remarkable displays of skill and determination, made it a memorable event. India’s victory in the penalty shootout showcased their resilience and sets the stage for an exciting final against Kuwait.


  1. Q: How did India perform in the penalty shootout against Lebanon?
    • A: India emerged victorious in the penalty shootout with a 4-2 scoreline.
  2. Q: Who scored the crucial goal for India during the match?
    • A: The goal for India was scored by their talented forward, whose skillful strike found the back of the net.
  3. Q: What is the significance of India’s win over Lebanon?
    • A: India’s victory over Lebanon secured their place in the SAFF Championship final, demonstrating their prowess in South Asian football.
  4. Q: Who will India face in the final?
    • A: India will meet Kuwait in the final of the SAFF Championship.

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