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Top 10 clubs with highest transfer spending over last five seasons

No Bundesliga team features in the list

The last five seasons in football have witnessed some remarkable transfer activity, with clubs around the world breaking records and spending exorbitant amounts of money to bolster their squads. Here are the top 10 clubs with the highest transfer spending over the last five seasons:

1. Manchester City Highest transfer spending

Top 10 clubs with highest transfer spending over last five seasons

Manchester City has consistently been one of the highest spenders in the transfer market. With their financial backing, they have invested heavily in top-quality players, including Ruben Dias, João Cancelo, and Rodri. Their total expenditure over the last five seasons has been staggering.

2. Paris Saint-Germain: Highest transfer spending

Top 10 clubs with highest transfer spending over last five seasons

The French giants, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), have been ambitious in their pursuit of success. They made headlines with their record-breaking signing of Neymar from Barcelona in 2017. Since then, they have continued to splash the cash on players like Kylian Mbappé and Mauro Icardi.

3. Barcelona: Highest transfer spending

Barcelona, historically known for its attractive style of play, has also been a big spender in recent years. They made waves by signing Philippe Coutinho and Ousmane Dembélé for substantial fees. However, the club has faced financial challenges, which have impacted their transfer activity.

4. Manchester United: Highest transfer spending

Manchester United’s transfer spending has been significant as they aimed to rebuild their squad. The signings of Paul Pogba and Harry Maguire for record fees have contributed to their high expenditure. The club’s financial might has allowed them to make ambitious moves in the market.

5. Juventus:

Juventus, the dominant force in Italian football, has made several high-profile signings in their quest for European success. The acquisition of Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid was a landmark move that showcased their ambition. They have also invested heavily in midfielders such as Arthur and Adrien Rabiot.

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6. Chelsea:

Chelsea, renowned for their willingness to spend in the transfer market, has been active in recent years. The club’s transfer ban was lifted, allowing them to make significant moves, including the signings of Kai Havertz and Timo Werner. Their total expenditure has been substantial.

7. Liverpool:

Although Liverpool is often praised for their shrewd recruitment, they have also made notable splurges in the transfer market. The signings of Virgil van Dijk and Alisson Becker for record fees have significantly contributed to their overall spending.

8. Atletico Madrid:

Top 10 clubs with highest transfer spending over last five seasons

Atletico Madrid, known for their defensive solidity and tactical prowess, has not shied away from spending big on the right players. The acquisition of João Félix from Benfica for a substantial fee showcased their intent to compete with the elite clubs in Europe.

9. Inter Milan:

Inter Milan, under the ownership of the Zhang family, has shown their ambition by investing heavily in their squad. The signings of Romelu Lukaku and Christian Eriksen have been significant, as the club aims to reclaim its dominance in Italian football.

10. Real Madrid:

Real Madrid, traditionally known for their Galáctico policy, has seen their spending decrease in recent years. However, they still made notable signings like Eden Hazard and Ferland Mendy, which contributed to their overall expenditure.

It is worth noting that transfer spending alone does not guarantee success on the pitch, as effective squad management and player development also play vital roles. Nevertheless, these clubs have demonstrated their financial muscle in the transfer market over the last five seasons.

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