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Top 10 Players to play for both Manchester City and Arsenal

Many legendary footballers have played for both clubs over the years.

Manchester City versus Arsenal is gradually ending up being a savage contention. Particularly now it has been much of the time marked as a skirmish of Expert versus Understudy as a result of Energy Guardiola and Mikel Arteta’s association. Be that as it may, even before Guardiola and Arteta’s time, City versus Arms stockpile generally has been one of the most divine conflicts of the time.

Indeed, even with their wild history and contention, the two clubs have been essential for some huge exchange business. The two pros of Manchester City, Gabriel Jesus, and Oleksandr Zinchenko moved to the Weapons store in a sensational move this season. Like these two players, there have been a few top players who have played for the two clubs throughout the long term. The following are 10 players who have played for the two clubs.

10. Kolo Toure


The previous focus back from the Ivory Coast, Kolo Toure secured himself as a basic individual from Head Association groups like Armory, Manchester City, and Liverpool during his time. He played for monsters like these and consistently laid down a good foundation for himself as one of the group’s most important players. He played seven years at Munitions stockpile from 2002 to 2009, Toure moved to Manchester City in 2009 and afterward to Liverpool in 2013.

9. Paul Dickov

During the 90s, Paul Dickov rose through the Weapons store’s childhood framework and became perhaps of the most smoking possibility. In the wake of the expenditure of six years at the Munitions stockpile and showing up, he was unable to make an interpretation of the commitment into execution. Subsequent to leaving Armory, Dickov moved to Manchester City. In 158 appearances, Dickov scored 35 objectives during his six-year stay with City.

8. Emmanuel Adebayor

For each Chief Association fan, Emmanuel Adebayor is a notable name. The Togo-conceived striker spent a critical piece of his vocation in the Head Association for various groups and stayed a fan #1 for his charming character. He was endorsed by the Heavy weapons specialists in 2006 and scored 46 objectives from 104 appearances prior to leaving for Manchester City in 2009.

7. Niall Quinn

During the 90s, Niall Quinn was a major name for Manchester City. Notwithstanding being the young result of a Weapons store from 1983 to 1990, Quinn was much of the time seen as a reinforcement striker at Munitions stockpile. In the wake of leaving the Weapons store, Quinn joined Manchester City, which denoted the beginning of his profession. For their purposes, he played 204 games and scored 65 objectives.

6. Nicolas Anelka

The French forward Nicolas Anelka played for pretty much every top club of each and every top association during his playing days. He had a considerable rundown of clubs in his profession, including Paris Holy person Germain, Genuine Madrid, Chelsea, Manchester City, Weapons store, Liverpool, and Juventus. While Anelka is generally associated with his experience with Chelsea, he was endorsed by Munitions stockpile in 1997 and started his Chief Association vocation there. After fruitless spells at Genuine Madrid and Paris Holy person Germain, he got back to the Chief Association through Manchester City in 2002.

5. Oleksandr Zinchenko

Zinchenko highlighted 76 counterparts for Manchester City.

Oleksandr Zinchenko is the furthest down-the-line expansion to this rundown in the wake of holding hands with Stockpile in a £30 million exchange from Manchester City. The Ukrainian left-back won four Chief Associations with Manchester City yet was never the best option player for Kick Guardiola which was one of the principal explanations for his flight. Zinchenko has previously turned into a fan number one with the Heavy weapons specialists after his noteworthy spell in a brief period.

4. Gabriel Jesus

Experiencing the same thing as Zinchenko, Gabriel Jesus passed on Manchester City to join Arsenal the previous summer. The Brazilian forward has likewise experienced an absence of game time, which is the reason he left. Specifically, Jesus’ takeoff was inescapable in the wake of Erling Halaand showing up. He has likewise dazzled everybody in such a brief timeframe and has turned into a critical individual from Arteta’s detachment.

3. Samir Nasri

The rich footwork of Samir Nasri made him a major ability when he showed up at the Weapons store in 2008 and he was frequently contrasted with Zidane. In any case, Nasri generally missed the mark concerning assumptions because of his conflicting play. He burned through three seasons at the Weapons store and showed up. Nasri then, at that point, moved to Manchester City for a £25 million exchange. He played 129 games for the citizens for a considerable length of time.

2. Gaël Clichy

A tremendous name throughout the entire existence of Manchester City as well as the Weapons store, Lady Clichy played for the two clubs in excess of multiple times. His Chief Association vocation started in 2003 at Munitions stockpile. The previous French global showed up for them somewhere in the range of 2003 and 2011. He then joined Manchester City in 2011/12 and came out on top for two Chief Association championships with them prior to leaving in 2017.


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1. Patrick Vieira

Vieira has played 279 counterparts for the Weapons store.
An extraordinary midfielder in Stockpile’s set of experiences, Patrick Vieira is perceived by a lot of people as inseparable from the club, yet few recall him wearing Manchester City’s shirt in 2010/11. In 2003/04, Viera was a fundamental piece of Arms stockpile’s unbeaten detachment yet after another season, Viera left. He then played for Juventus and Entomb Milan prior to coming to Manchester City for the last dance in the Chief Association.

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