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Top five clubs with most 90-minute winners in Premier League history

These clubs have made it a habit of scoring late goals in order to secure victory.

In football, the joy of scoring a winning goal in the final minute in the Premier League is immense. It takes a huge measure of push and devotion to score a late 90th-minute victor in injury time to take focus away from a match that is setting out toward a draw or even misfortune.

The Premier League has seen a few late-winning objectives that shocked the world. There is an unmatched satisfaction in scoring a late champ and making the fans dazed with euphoria. Late-winning goals are extremely uncommon in the English top division, where competition is fierce.

Particularly, a few teams are skilled at scoring goals in the final seconds to win. These groups play with a “never surrender” demeanor and don’t stop until the official blows the last whistle. The five teams with the most 90-minute winners in Premier League history are as follows:

Chelsea – Premier League 26

Chelsea Premier League

Chelsea has won the Premier League six times. Their presentation in the association throughout the course of recent many years is praiseworthy. The club maintains its aggressive style of play until the final whistle.

Chelsea has historically been a good team, despite their recent run of poor results. They have scored an hour and a half winning objective multiple times in the Head Association all things considered.

Manchester United – Premier League 27

manchester-united Premier League

Manchester United has won the Premier League the most times. Throughout its history, the Red Devils have won the English top flight 20 times. The team was well-liked during the time of Sir Alex Ferguson for its late goals.

Due to Manchester United’s propensity for late goals, the term “Fergie Time” was coined. In total, MUFC has won 27 90-minute games in the competition’s history.

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Tottenham Hotspur – Premier League 29

Tottenham Hotspur
Premier League

Tottenham Hotspur has scored a 90th-minute victory on 29 distinct events. They are now the third Premier League club with the most goals in the 90th minute.

While the club battles to win prizes however it generally plays appealing football. The team has always tried to finish in the top four, which guarantees a spot in the UEFA Champions League, over the past few years.

Arsenal – Premier League 30


The Gunners, who have won the first division 13 times, want to end Mikel Arteta’s title drought.

The Heavy weapons specialists are second in the rundown of groups with the most hour-and-a-half victors in the Head Association’s set of experiences. Thirty different times, they have won in injury time. It is additionally just the second club to do it at least multiple times.

Liverpool – 41

Liverpool Premier League

Liverpool FC has a history of scoring late winners, and this statement is supported by their track record. On 41 occasions, the Reds have won in the 90th minute, 11 times more than their closest rival.

The most recent instance in which the Reds were able to secure three points thanks to a late goal scored by Diogo Jota is their league victory over Tottenham Hotspur on April 30, 2023, which they won 4-3. It demonstrates a lot about the club’s mentality to score so many late goals to prevent a draw or loss.

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