Top five favourite opponents of Mohamed Salah

The Egyptian just loves to score against these five clubs

Since joining Liverpool in the Premier League, Mohamed Salah has been performing admirably. In any event, when Liverpool has been battling the whole season under Klopp, the Liverpool star man has been tracking down the rear of the net in many events. He has led the team’s attack this season, scoring 13 goals in the Premier League and 24 goals across all competitions. He had been trying to keep Liverpool’s hopes of finishing in the top six alive.

The top five teams that Mohamed Salah enjoys scoring against are as follows:

5. Watford FC

Top five favourite opponents of Mohamed Salah

It is somewhat astounding to see Watford take the fifth spot here. Despite the fact that they were not in the Premier League for two of his six seasons here, Salah still scored nine goals in eight matches against the Hornets. They were Mohamed Salah’s first Premier League opponent, and he scored against them in his league debut, which ended in a 3-3 draw. In a 2018 5-0 victory, he scored four goals against them, which was his highest total. The most recent goal was scored in 2021 when Liverpool defeated Liverpool 5-0 and Salah only scored once.

4. West Ham United FC

Top five favourite opponents of Mohamed Salah

West Ham United is located on the east side of London. Against them, Mohamed Salah simply loves to track down the rear of the net. He has scored a sum of nine objectives in 11 matches against the Mallets. Both games were played in the London Arena

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3. Tottenham Hotspur FC

Top five favourite opponents of Mohamed Salah

It is his third favorite, and the first team in the “big six,” Tottenham Hotspur, plays on the north side of London. In 17 games, Salah has scored ten goals against them, including two in their 2-1 victory over Spurs in November 2022 at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. In 2017, in his first match against Spurs, which ended 4-1, he scored his first goal.

2. Manchester City

As far as Mohamed Salah is concerned, the blue side of Manchester has emerged as his second preferred location for scoring goals. His most recent came in their recent matchup at the Etihad, where Manchester City defeated Liverpool 4-1. Liverpool took the lead thanks to Salah, but things didn’t go well from there. In 19 matches against the Citizens, he has scored a total of 11 goals. In 2018, he scored his first goal in a 4-3 victory over them.

1. Manchester United

After scoring his 129th goal against Manchester United in March 2023, Mohamed Salah has surpassed Robbie Fowler to become Liverpool’s all-time leading scorer in the Premier League. Mohamed Salah scored twice in that match, demonstrating how much he enjoys playing against Manchester United, as he has scored 12 goals in 12 matches against the Red Devils.

In a 2-0 victory at Anfield in January 2020, he scored his first goal. When competing against Manchester-based teams, he has always been an unstoppable force. He has scored 23 goals in Manchester matches against both clubs.

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