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Top five footballers with 100+ assists in Premier League

The English top-flight has been blessed by the creativity of these stars for years at long.

Over the course of its history, the Premier League has produced some of the best players. These players have made significant commitments to their individual groups and helped them bring home various titles. The player who creates and provides opportunities for teammates to score is one of the most important contributors to a successful team. Today, we’ll look at the top five footballers in the Premier League who have more than 100 assists.

5. Kevin De Bruyne – 100 assist

Over the course of the past few seasons, Kevin De Bruyne has established himself as one of the world’s best creative midfielders. Since joining Manchester City in 2015, the Belgian midfielder has been a vital participant, and his capacity to set out open doors for his colleagues has been a huge consider their new achievement. De Bruyne, who is 31 years old, recently became the fifth player in Premier League history to record 100 assists. He still has a long way to go on the list.

4. Frank Lampard – 102 assists

Frank Lampard drove Chelsea’s midfield for more than a decade. The former England international was well-known not only for scoring goals but also for providing excellent assists. Lampard had 102 assists in the Premier League during his time with Chelsea, and he was a big part of Chelsea winning three titles.

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3. Wayne Rooney – 103 Assists

While Playing In The Premier League Wayne Rooney was one of the most talented players to ever compete in the Premier League. The former Manchester United and Everton striker played in a variety of positions throughout his career, but he always had an eye for a game-changing ball. Rooney became one of the Premier League’s all-time greats thanks to his flair and ability to score goals. He had 103 assists while playing in the league.

2. Cesc Fabregas – 111 assists

Cesc Fabregas was one of the most talented technical midfielders of his generation. The Spaniard started his Premier League career at Arsenal before moving to Chelsea, where he won two championships. During his time in the Premier League, Fabregas contributed 111 assists, demonstrating his unparalleled ability to identify a pass and create opportunities for his teammates.

1. Ryan Giggs: 162 assists

Ryan Giggs is one of the Premier League’s most decorated players. The Welshman won 13 Premier League titles, four FA Cups, and two UEFA Champions League medals while playing for Manchester United throughout his entire professional career. Throughout his career, Giggs amassed a staggering 162 assists, a record that stands today. His inventiveness and vision were unparalleled.

These five players have ultimately contributed significantly to the success of their Premier League teams. When it really mattered, each of them scored and set up goals, making a big difference for their teams. These five stand out as some of the best Premier League players, despite the fact that there have been many great players over the years.

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