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Top Five Players José Mourinho’s AS Roma Should Target This Summer

"Unveiling the Transfer Targets: Strengthening AS Roma's Squad with José Mourinho's Preferred Players"


AS Roma, one of the most successful football clubs in Italy has recently appointed the esteemed manager José Mourinho. Top Five Players José Mourinho’s AS Roma Should Target This Summer. With his vast experience and tactical acumen, Mourinho aims to strengthen Roma’s squad for the upcoming season. In this article, we will explore the top five players that Mourinho and Roma should consider targeting this summer to enhance their chances of success in both domestic and European competitions.

Player 1: Center-back – Stefan de Vrij

Top Five Players José Mourinho’s AS Roma Should Target This Summer

Stefan de Vrij, currently playing for Inter Milan, would be an excellent addition to AS Roma’s defensive line. Known for his exceptional defensive skills, de Vrij has proven himself in the Serie A and the UEFA Champions League. Top Five Players José Mourinho’s AS Roma Should Target This Summer.

Player 2: Attacking Midfielder – Nicolo Barella

Nicolo Barella Top Five Players José Mourinho’s AS Roma Should Target This Summer

Nicolo Barella, an Italian international and a key figure for Inter Milan, possesses the qualities necessary to bolster Roma’s midfield. Barella’s energy, creativity, and eye for goal make him an exceptional attacking midfielder. His dynamic playing style and versatility would provide Roma with an added spark in the final third.

Player 3: Striker – Mauro Icardi

Mauro Icardi Top Five Players José Mourinho’s AS Roma Should Target This Summer

Mauro Icardi, currently playing for Paris Saint-Germain, is a proven goal scorer with a knack for finding the back of the net. With Roma’s need for a clinical striker, Icardi’s lethal finishing abilities and intelligent movement could significantly enhance their attacking prowess. Mourinho’s tactical acumen and Icardi’s goal-scoring instincts would form a formidable partnership.

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Player 4: Left-back – Alex Grimaldo

Alex Grimaldo, curren

Alex Grimaldo

Playing his trade at Benfica, would be an ideal choice to strengthen Roma’s left-back position. Known for his attacking prowess and defensive solidity, Grimaldo possesses the qualities necessary to excel in Mourinho’s tactical system. His overlapping runs, accurate crosses, and solid defensive work would provide Roma with balance on the left flank.

Player 5: Defensive Midfielder – Sander Berge

Sander Berge

Sander Berge, a talented Norwegian midfielder currently playing for Sheffield United, would be a valuable addition to Roma’s midfield. Standing at an imposing height and possessing excellent passing range, Berge can effectively shield the defense while initiating attacks from deep. His physical presence and ability to break up play make him an ideal fit for Mourinho’s midfield setup.


In conclusion, AS Roma, under the guidance of José Mourinho, should target these five players during the summer transfer window to strengthen their squad for the upcoming season. Stefan de Vrij, Nicolo Barella, Mauro Icardi, Alex Grimaldo, and Sander Berge bring a unique set of skills and qualities that align with Mourinho’s tactical approach. By adding these players to their roster, Roma would significantly enhance their chances of achieving success both domestically and in European competitions.


1. Are these players realistic targets for AS Roma? Yes, these players are within Roma’s reach based on their financial resources and the allure of working with a renowned manager like José Mourinho.

2. Are there any rumors linking these players to AS Roma? While there might be speculation and rumors in the media, no official announcements have been made regarding Roma’s interest in these players.

3. How would these players fit into Mourinho’s tactical system? Mourinho’s tactical system emphasizes defensive solidity, creative midfield play, and clinical finishing. The selected players possess the qualities necessary to excel in these areas.

4. Are there any potential obstacles in signing these players? The transfer market can be unpredictable, and various factors such as player valuations, competition from other clubs, and personal preferences can pose challenges in securing their services.

5. When does the summer transfer window close? The summer transfer window usually closes around the end of August, varying slightly between different football leagues and associations.

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