What went wrong at Tottenham Hotspur?

Antonio Conte bluntly spoke about the team’s discontent.

In the hope of regaining the title, Tottenham Hotspur brought in Antonio Conte last season after Nuno Espirito Santo’s disastrous tenure ended. The team qualified for the Champions League under the direction of the Italian manager. Even though it hasn’t happened, under Conte, the desire to own the first cutlery was sparked.

However, it has turned out to be yet another season in which the North Londoners have failed to compete for any awards. Spurs are out of the Champions League and all domestic competitions, and they are currently fourth in the table, 17 points behind Arsenal, which is in first place. The former manager of Inter Milan even criticized them for their poor performance in the games.

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Tottenham Hotspur Defeat from Southampton

Chennaiyin’s Fact Sheet Loss to Southampton Following Tottenham’s loss to Southampton, Antonio Conte launched a vehement attack on his “selfish” players and the culture of the club.

The north London team gave up a two-goal lead at St. Mary’s in a dramatic 3-3 draw. This resulted in an unexpected outburst from Conte after the game.

Even though Tottenham is currently in fourth place, they may not participate in the Champions League this season. Tottenham is ahead of Newcastle, Liverpool, and Brighton, who are still plagued by inconsistent play.

Conte did not back down after the final whistle as he criticized his players and questioned why the team had not been successful with chairman Daniel Levy.

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Tottenham Hotspur “Selfish players”

Antonio Conte bluntly spoke about the team’s discontent.

The eleven players who contributed the most goals in the 2022-23 season were referred to as “selfish players” by the enraged Italian. The issue is that we have proven that we are not a team. There are 11 of us. I see self-centered players. I see players that would rather not help one another and don’t play with heart. Regardless of the manager, it remains the same season after season. Here, they’re used to it.

Don’t play for anything significant. They are against playing under pressure. They would rather not play under pressure.

“This is the story of Tottenham. The owner has been there for twenty years, but they have never won anything; why is this? The club alone is to blame, as is every manager who remains here. I’ve seen the managers on the bench for Tottenham. In order to safeguard the other situation at all times, you run the risk of disrupting the manager’s image.

“Until now, I tried to hide the situation, but now, no, I repeat, I don’t want to see what I’ve seen today because this is unacceptable for the fans as well.”

It is unacceptable for them to follow us, pay the ticket, and return to the team another time with this kind of performance. We need to give this a lot of thought.

“They have to play to show that they are a team, and they have to pay to show that they have the right spirit, a sense of belonging, and that they are responsible for the badge rather than for me or my staff.

We’ve been trying to get this message across for a year now, but I think they don’t understand. It’s possible that neither we nor they are particularly adept at communicating or playing at this level.

Tottenham Hotspur Another trophyless season

In various meetings, Conte stressed his conviction that the players ought to bear a portion of the fault for one more year without a prize. The Spurs have only won one title since Levy and the current owner took control in 2001.

They were simply wiped out from the FA Cup by Sheffield Joined together and from the Heroes Association by AC Milan, damning them to one more year of going unrewarded.

If I had to compare this season to the previous one, I would say that we need to get better, but right now we are worse in this area. Anything can occur at any time when you are not part of a team.

“This is the final circumstance. Keep in mind that Sheffield United defeated us in the FA Cup against young players. We were eliminated from the FA Cup despite having a strong team.

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“A lot of situations, I repeat, not going to improve. Additionally, I am not referring to a technical or tactical aspect.

“It’s about working as a team, working as a team, working as a team. It is the most significant factor. to realize that we compete for the badge. We must play in order to make our supporters proud. We must play to demonstrate desire. Your determination to win: If you have this, you absolutely will not win the FA Cup. You win today.

We must play to demonstrate our desire and to make our fans proud. Every coach who has remained at the club bears responsibility for the market for new players. And the participants? The players? Where are the participants?

“I can tell you from my experience that you must improve this aspect if you want to compete and fight. I can also inform you that this aspect is extremely low at the present time. Additionally, I only observe 11 players who play for themselves.

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